Did You Prime Today?

When I went through my RSS reader today, it looked like most of the personal finance and frugality blogs I follow were overflowing with up-to-the-minute news and updates on the deals available via Amazon’s so-called “Prime Day” event. The retail giant had been hyping it for weeks, claiming that it would be better than Black … More Did You Prime Today?

Mid-Year Frugality Goals

I’m an avid reader of other personal finance blogs, and so many of them have been posting mid-year check-ins related to their monthly, quarterly, and/or annual goals. I’m so impressed with how transparent and forthright they are about not only their outstanding debts but also their challenges, triumphs, and their target date for debt freedom, … More Mid-Year Frugality Goals

The Joy of Sleep

I can’t believe it’s been a few days since I posted to this blog! I was so excited to be on a pretty good streak there for awhile, but alas, work and household obligations overwhelmed poor moi late last week. One thing I’ve learned as a Woman of a Certain Age is that you don’t … More The Joy of Sleep

Cooking Under Pressure

Have you ever used a pressure cooker before? I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I never really considered using it until really recently, and only because I’m on a never-ending quest to find ways to further simplify and save money. Backstory: Back in the ’90s I actually never bought canned beans – I just loaded … More Cooking Under Pressure

Dog Days of Summer

How was your holiday weekend? If yours was anything like mine, you packed yours with all kinds of productive, maybe even frugal things, but also managed to enjoy a little respite from the summer heat. Down here in north/central Texas, we’ve been “enjoying” highs in the mid-90’s and humidity levels rocketing well into the 50-70% … More Dog Days of Summer

Happy 4th of July!

I hope every single one of you are enjoying good health, good weather, good food, and lots of good company this weekend. Thank you stopping by! Now go and enjoy whatever it is your heart desires on this wonderful, inspiring day.